Through the same and similar interests, members of association provide support each other, in order to have pharmacists with the best quality working skills for every member country. The greatest support reflected through new pharmaceutical projects based on pharmaceutical projects in local community where the best effect can be achieved. Mutual support is also reflected in the harmonization of legislation, which is the inavoidable rule of funcioniting pharmaceutical profession.


Besides being a resource of new knowledge, Southeast European Pharmaceutical Association strives to provide its members with the latest knowledge from pharmacy through continuous education, programs and training projects. Also, the Association will strive to make education of the pharmacists of the highest possible standard, in order for pharmacists that finish their education to start preserving public health with the best possible quality.


The promotion of pharmacists, its quality and values is an essential and unavoidable segment in the social community. Evaluation of the health and exellence of pharmacists is the perception that has been created for years and we strive to continue doing that. Southeast European Pharmaceutical Association promotes the role and importance of local pharmacy, raising awareness of health and care in smaller areas to create the global impact.


Pharmaceutical profession is generally affected by the new changes, and therefore the health care of the population. Consequently, pharmacists get new opportunities to advance and to use their knowledge for patients benefits. Southeast European Pharmaceutical Association has recognized that changes in society also affect pharmaceutical profession so one of the tasks of the association is to protect the pharmacy profession through proper lobbying, continuous education of pharmacists, joint action with state institutions and to use the changes that occur daily for the benefit of population in Southeast Europe.

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