About us

The need for the establishment of the Shoutheast European Pharmaceutical Association has arisen from the desire to advance the pharmaceutical profession and health care of the community with the jointefforts starting with each individual. Through the mission and vision of the association, the association will work on improving the skills of pharmacists and raising awareness of the population about health, care and healthy way of life.


The idea about establishing the association was suggested by Pharmaceutical Chamber of the M.Pharm. FBiH led by prim.M.Pharm. Zahida Binakaj at the Third Congress of Pharmacists of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The idea was implemented during the meeting on November 5, 2015 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, when the representatives of different countries signed the cooperation agreement in the field of advanncement and further pharmaceutical development in order to establish the International Association of Pharmaceutical Chambers of Southestern Europe.
Ceremonial signing of the agreement were attended by representatives of pharmaceutical chambers from: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia while Croatia and Slovenia took up the role of observers.

The agreement was signed by:

  • The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Federation BiH represented by president prim.M.Pharm. Zahida Binakaj
  • The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia represented by president M.sci.spec.Pharm. Svetlana Stojkov,
  • The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Montenegro, represented by president M.Pharm. Milanka Žugić, authorized by Biljana Savović, attorney at law from November 2, 2015,
  • Pharmacist’s Order of Albania represented by president Diana Toma
  • The Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union of Bulgaria represented by president professor MSc Pharm Ilko Getov
  • Croatian Pharmaceutical Chamber represented by president M.Pharm. Miro Portalan in the role of the observer
  • Slovenian Pharmaceutical Chamber represented by president M.Pharm. Miran Golub in the role of the observer
  • The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Kosovo represented by president  prof.dr. Zehadin Gashi
  • The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Macedonia represented by president prof.dr. Bistra Angelovska

The Goal

The representatives agreed on the following goals of the associaton:

  • Improvement and development of the pharmaceutical profession,
  • Proper evaluation of the work of pharmaceutical profession by the authorities of the country in which they operate,
  • Establish communication and good relations with the institutions of the European Union,
  • Providing conditions for the availability of quality, safe and efficient medicines on single drug markets.

In order to fulfill personal and professional requirements of pharmacists, members of the association committed themselves to try their best to achieve the goals, in order to improve the pharmaceutical profession and to contribute to the well-being and health of Southeast European citizens and even wider.

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