Record of the meeting in Tirana


SEPA meeting was held in Tirana, on the March 30th, 2018. starting at 10:00 o’clock in the morning.

Present at the meeting were:

1. Zahida Binakaj, Chamber of Master of pharmacists of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

2. Imer Imeri, Pharmaceutical Chamber of Macedonia

3. Maja Kovačeva, Pharmaceutical Chamber of Macedonia

4. Zehadin Gashi, Pharmaceutical Chamber of Kosovo

5. Milanka Žugić, Pharmaceutical Chamber of Montenegro

6. Biljana Savovic, Pharmaceutical Chamber of Montenegro

7. Ilko Getov, Union of pharmacists, Bulgaria

8. Diana Toma, Order of pharmacists of Albania

9. Pranvera Roko, Order of  pharmacists of Albania

10. Ina Pasho, Order of pharmacists of Albania

11. EEva Terasalmi, vice president of FIP

12. Mirsie Doka, Order of pharmacists of Albania


Agenda contained 2 points:

Point 1 - Review of all the Association’s activities

Point 2 - Future plans and activities


Summary of previous activities:

• Agreement on Cooperation of the South East European Chamber of pharmacists

• Preparation of acts of the Association (Statute, Rules of Procedure, etc.)

• Harmonization of legislation in the region

• Cooperation based on mutual support of the profession and the level of health care

• Work on creating the site of the Association

• Decision on membership fee payment was made

• Lexi Comp and Lexi interact presentations and pricing negotiations

• Obesity project for children and presentations of the model of continuous education of pharmacists in South East Europe

• The term of office of the presiding member is extended to two years, due to better productivity

• Suggested conference day for the Association


The meeting and the discussion on the agenda items was opened by the Chairperson of the Association - Milanka Zugic, President of the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Montenegro. The members that were present discussed and gave their opinion on the items on the agenda. 

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